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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tips to Remove Vocals from Song

If you want to create a massive library of karaoke songs, and you don’t have a karaoke, then use your computer. This is now possible with the karaoke voice remover software which is being marketed on the internet. One of  top choices in karaoke voice remover software you can download and expect great results from is the Singing Superstar. You can opt for a free version, but for the amount of time you will invest and not get acceptable results, you should buy the software, and save yourself from the aggravation of failure.

Here are tips you might find useful with your software:

  • Try to find songs that are formatted in stereo WAV which means the file should have a .wav to its file name. With this format, you can separate the channels and reverse the channel with the vocals so that it is put on low frequency
  • Always make a back-up copy before you work on a song in your PC so that if anything goes wrong, you can start all over again with the original track
  • Remember the file names you save your karaoke versions. It would be a good idea to organize your folder even before you use the karaoke voice remover software
  • You can download a trial version before paying for it so you’re sure that the software works. One of the most recommended software is called the Singing Superstar - check it out. It may be the software you are looking for
  • You will need to check what hardware you will need before even downloading the software. For instance, you will need a sound card and USB
  • Try working on the songs that can be distinguished from the instrumentation. This would be like ballads or simpler songs. The songs with multiple vocals or voices that blend with the music can be more difficult to extract, and might need more experience or patience. By starting with the simpler songs, you get a chance to familiarize yourself with the software
  • If you want better quality, you can try downloading plug-ins or filters that’s compatible with your software
  • Be sure to work with songs that have excellent sound quality. Anything with 128K or higher would be good

The process of removing vocals from a song is not always going to work your way or be the kind of quality you want, so the idea would be to get something like the Singing Superstar software. It’s a reliable software that you can expect to continue to improve over the months and years with the free updates that come with it.  You also have a added plus of being able to use your existing song library and convert them to karaoke versions. This would mean tremendous savings, and an extensive library from the get go.

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