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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can You Remove Voice from Songs?

Can You Remove Voice from Songs?

The only reason you would want to play around with a song and try to remove the lead vocalist is so you can be the lead vocalist. In other words, if you want to be the next Singing Superstar, and you will need the karaoke version of the song by enlisting the help of a karaoke voice remover.

A quality karaoke voice remover is one very effective way to remove the voice from songs, but it’s not always 100% effective. Still, it will get you quality karaoke sound, and save you hundreds of dollars over time.  With a software to remove the vocals, you get to forego with spending for a karaoke machine and buying the karaoke CDs with the songs you would like to sing.

With a karaoke vocal sound remover software of which there are free and paid versions.  One excellent software is the Singing Superstar which is coupled with great offers such as cheap downloads, easy conversions, PC compatibility, and even group singing sessions. Would you like to have a showdown in the comfort of your own home or school? This software makes it possible to get going in minutes. No messy cords, no heavy machines or equipment ... just your PC, speakers, and a microphone.

On the other hand, you can also approach a professional studio to remove the vocal tracks, but this is going to cost you a lot since the charge may be billed per song. Plus, it will also take time. For the price you will be charged, there is no assurance that the service you get will be better than if you used karaoke vocal remover software.

You can try doing it on your own by renting a studio with a technician to help you. To remove a vocal track from a song, you will need to find that track, determine what other tracks are affected, and the quality of the song you are using. Ideally, you should be using the original master mix. However, even with the ideal track mix, there could be spillover. This means that the studio sound technician will not be able to remove the vocal tracks entirely because it is affected by some other track like the back-up singing or some instruments. This will explain why some songs when converted to karaoke versions still have the lead singer’s voice, although at a much lower volume. The sound of the instruments used, like the bass guitar could also be affected, thus your converted karaoke song will end up muted, and not as clear as the original.

Thus, with all that to consider, you might as well just download the karaoke voice remover. You’ll pay a minimal price and get free updates with no time constraints whatsoever.  The removal of the lead vocalist’s voice can be a little complicated, but only if you allow it to be. Just choose the right software like the Singing Superstar, and you eliminate the endless process. All you’ll need to do is something simple like install and play. The instructions are usually user-friendly, and will take several minutes to complete.

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