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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Songs Backing Tracks: What You Need to Know

Song backing tracks is music that enhances and serves as part of the back-up vocals, sound effects, or instrumentation when you sing. Simply put, it’s karaoke but in a more technical way. When a band travels to perform, it does not always have the right facilities to work with in every arena, so they use song backing tracks to maintain the quality and integrity of their sound.

If you are a professional singer, or plan to break into the industry as the next American Idol, then you do need to practice on song backing tracks. The advantage of this is the quality you get to work with, as well as the level of creativity you can end up working with. It could actually get you to the finals in any singing contest because you can emulate and practice with a full orchestra if you want because of the song back tracks.
The beauty of song back tracks is the edge you get over others who probably are working with only store bought generic songs, or by using instruments like a guitar or piano. There really is nothing wrong with that except when the reality is before you, you can get overwhelmed and lose your focus.
You can add as many song back tracks in your performance like keyboards, special sound effects, percussions, and even back-up vocals that blend with your voice splendidly.

Don’t believe those who put down song back tracks because it is a form of cheating the audience. It’s just another “instrument” just as costumes are used to make the play more interesting, or a certain “Lady Gaga” style on the singer grab all the attention. If you plan to use song back tracks, you will need a lot of practice to get it just right. It is not as simple as using a karaoke version of the song because there is a certain amount of blending that will have to given focus to. Nevertheless, if you can manage to pull this off, you will enjoy the singing, and having a blast with the effects. Your audience, on the other hand, will be amazed at your stage presence and professionalism, not to mention your talent.

As you can see, song back tracks make it possible to accomplish that professional performance and truly make you a star overnight.  However, if you want quicker results and less stress over blending and during practice, you can always download a vocal removal software and fix the song to be karaoke within minutes. Imagine what you can accomplish in an hour.

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