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Monday, June 11, 2012

Singing Superstar Review

If you like singing karaoke, but you’re sick of paying crazy prices for instrumental versions of songs, I have a treat for you. I went through the very same thing. In order to create a sizable library of karaoke songs, I was looking at thousands of dollars! That was until I found Singing Superstar. This software is amazing – and provides tons of options for you to create your own karaoke tracks, and bonuses as well.

For instance, six people can sing at once with Singing Superstar. The songs you already have (the ones you love and don’t want to re-purchase) can be converted into karaoke songs! This means you do not have to pay for any of the music that you already have in your collection – whether it’s on CDs, DVDs, or your MP3 player! If you need songs you don’t already have, Singing Superstar allows you to download from a list of 2 MILLION songs for less than a dime each! 

Now, one of the things I truly love about this software is that it will not become obsolete on you because if Singing Superstar is updated, you get the free updates…forever. So you pay one price and you’re good forever – you never have to buy an updated program!  This is the best karaoke software I’ve ever worked with, and there are so many options and choices. It’s fair to say that with this many options and things the software can do, it may take a little time for you to master it. However, once you get in and start playing around, it will be no time before you’re a pro with the software.

Oh – there’s another super-cool feature with this software. Have you ever wished you could sing with Whitney Houston or Britney Spears? Singing Superstar allows you to sing duets! If you’re into karaoke, I truly suggest you check out the site. Now, when you visit the site through this link, they’ll know I sent you – and I’ll get a tiny bit of compensation. This helps me be able to review other great products and give my recommendations. I know you’re going to love this product – check it out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Remove Voice Software?

A Remove Voice software is actually a nifty creation that you can download from the internet, and it will do exactly as it says - remove the voice from a song. Technically, this is not a new invention, having been around in hardware machines that can, with the turn of a knob, shut down the main vocals and leave the instrumentation behind.  Of course, there are some limitations on this kind of remove voice hardware such as file format and quality.

Thus, the later enhancements focused on removing these glitches and coming up with an almost perfect Remove Voice product. It is now available online as a software, and you have a choice between a free Remove Voice software or a paid one.

Compared to the hardware version, the Remove Voice software can work with different audio file formats, so you need not buy specific music files just to be able to use this software. You can even use your existing play list on your iPod, MP3, or computer.

If you are a little apprehensive about tapering with products that have copyright, then make sure you use a software that will provide you with a legal copy of audio tracks to work with. However, you may use your personal music library under the Copyright Law, but only if you are making a copy for personal use. This means you cannot burn copies of your products from the Remove Voice Software, and start selling them to whoever. This is definitely going to get you in trouble.

To find this paragon of a software that is legal, easy to use, constantly updated, and comes with a ton of freebies, then you need to check review sites from actual customers. This means going to forum websites, review websites, and blogs from people in the business.

While a Remove Voice software is not foolproof in removing the main voice 100%, it does a pretty good job considering the advancement in technology and music recordings. This is the reason you need a software that comes with free updates. Thus, you can be current with your software, and not have to shift to another software just because it became irrelevant and old.

If you want to find a practical solution to a desire to practice singing without having to spend a bundle on machines or CDs, then this is what you need. It works, and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters most?

Tips for Choosing Karaoke Vocal Remover Software

So, you're a karaoke fan - well so are most people however, as you know purchasing traditional karaoke music can be expensive. Therefore, karaoke vocal remover software is the perfect substitute and a way to save a tremendous amount of money by taking music you already own and transferring into into song without the vocals. However, finding good karaoke vocal remover software isn't easy. In this article, we'll tell you how to go about it so that you don't end up with a dud.

Keep in mind that some karaoke software has all the bells and whistles whereas others do not. Before you even begin searching, know your budget and don't even consider purchasing software that is not within your budget. Next, consider the features that you want. For instance, some karaoke vocal remover software allows you to create your own karaoke songs from scratch whereas others only allow you to use a MP3 or WAV. Still others help you turn your computer into a karaoke machine, using Windows Media Player.

Either way, choose the right karaoke vocal remover software for you and your budget and enjoy the versatility and fun that you'll experience with your own karaoke vocal remover software on call to handle your singing needs.

Planning Your Own Karaoke Party!

Karaoke parties are fun because its all about singing and letting others sing. The guests of these parties are usually music lovers and people who have passion for singing. If you are looking to host a karaoke party, there are some things you should keep in mind. 

Firstly, the decoration of the stage should be vibrant with lights, disco globes, and if possible, focus lights for the singers. Seating arrangements should be in a circular fashion around the stage so that everyone can enjoy the fun. Its also a good idea to provide some space for people who want to tap their feet to the sound of music. 

Once the stage is set, a juke box and a set of microphones should be hired if you don't have one of your own. Organize the party so that every person who wants to sing gets a chance. Repetition of songs is not ideal if you know the songs your guests are going to sing. Otherwise, let me make their choice and its fine as long as everyone is happy at your karaoke party. 

Take care to ensure that none of your guests are treated badly or laughed at, irrespective of how they sing. Finally, have fun and enjoy your karaoke party!

Karaoke Machine with Camera

Karaoke machines are ideal for amateur singers who perform in front of the audience without an orchestra.  Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning the “empty track”. It is an interactive device where the machine provides the background music of well known  tracks without the voice. The singers sing with a microphone and the idea is to sync the singing with the video. Sometimes, even lyrics are displayed for the benefit of singers. The hardware which produces this music is called the Karaoke machine.  The monitor can show the video as well as the lyrics. 

Nowadays, the karaoke machine comes with a camera where the singers can watch themselves in the monitor to see how they sing. This machine is in a pedestal style and the built in camera enables the singer to film his performance and enables him or her to play it back later. Apart from the monitor and the camera, there is a CD player, auto voice control, digital control, built-in speaker system, 2 microphones and two tower speakers. There is also an additional feature of FM/AM radio available in certain models. It could be hooked up to the television and music system easily. These machines are used in parties and night clubs.

Karaoke Software for PC

Karaoke songs are available in the form cds in music stores, but they may be quite expensive. Also, you may not find the songs of your choice in a single CD. The only way is to buy different CDs and pick your favorite out of them. This means you have to change the CDs frequently and this can be quite cumbersome in a party. A better solution for this problem is to download the songs of your choice from the Internet. 

Before downloading from the Internet, you should make a list of songs to be downloaded. 
Then get a good Karaoke software for PC that will make it easy for you to download. Song selection could be done with the help of the karaoke band list too. You have to find the right website to download your favorite songs. There are many websites available today that allow you to download karaoke songs for a small fee. Some of them are even free. You can download them to your computer or even to your iPod. If you are planning to use it at a party, its a good idea to make a CD out of it if it is in the computer. If it is in your iPod, then you can plug it into a Video Karaoke Player and play the songs.

Photo:Francesco Marino

Karaoke MP3

Singing is a lot of fun, but many people do not feel comfortable because they don't know the lyrics or the tune. Karaoke is exactly for such people. One can follow the tune and see the lyrics while singing. This makes it comfortable and a lot of fun for the singer as well as the listeners. This is probably the reason for the huge popularity of Karaoke parties.

Karaoke MP3 is software vocal remover software which enables people to convert the personal computer into a Karaoke machine.  With the use of this software, a real time audio processor removes the vocals from the music and provides a perfect karaoke. The software uses the karaoke effect and it removes the vocals by summing up the left channel and inverses the right channel and it places the result in both the channels. Songs are recorded in both the left and right channels to create the effect of a vocalist being on the center stage.

This software does not work in mono or stereo recording as the vocals are mixed off center in these cases. Whether it is a country song, or hip-hop or a pop, a professional karaoke could be created with very little effort with MP3 karaoke software and tis can convert the home computer to a mini studio.