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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tips to Download Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are back up music that bands and singers use when they need special effects not easily produced in any singing venue. It can be a minus one, karaoke, or just sound effects.

Here are some tips you might be able to find useful if you are planning to download backing tracks.

You may be given a choice of a voice removing software or a backing track. If this happens, the main issue you might have to deal with is the quality of the sound. By quality, the sound of a song that used the software might be a little muffled or the singer’s voice is heard slightly. It can be brushed aside especially it is will be used for karaoke purposes because your voice will outperform the original singer. If you want a solid and crystal clear instrumental version of the song, not to play as karaoke, but more as a unique version to listen to, then the backing tracks might please you more.

Compared to hardware voice removal equipment, there is a wide margin of error because the hardware does not always work. In fact, if you listen to a song using a voice removing hardware, the machine always attempts to remove the central track, assuming it is the voice track. Unfortunately, in the recording used today, the voice track is not always placed in the center. This makes most voice removing hardware obsolete or ineffective. You are better off deciding between downloading backing tracks or a voice removing software.

Why voice removing software?  One word - updates. If you find a good voice removing software that provides free updates, then your software will always have the latest developments in voice removing features. This means buying the download, and not getting those free voice removing software. It is a more practical purchase compared if you want a good tips to download backing tracks because of the ongoing expense.

Of course, if you find a website that can offer competitive prices on download of backing tracks, then the decision will be based on personal choice, and no longer on the cost of downloads.

Finally, whether you make the decision for backing tracks or the voice removing software, the most important of all tips to download backing tracks is to make sure your downloads are legal and authorized. You could get in a lot of trouble violating any copyright laws, and if you are performing in a public venue, even that venue could be in trouble as well.

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