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Monday, June 14, 2010

Song Backing Tracks - How to Create Your Own Karaoke Song

One of the problems of getting great karaoke music or song backing tracks  is that it can cost a lot. Since most people want to sing the song backing tracks they love, they usually end up having to re-purchase the music they already have to obtain the instrumental versions. However, there are ways to create your own karaoke songs.  There are a lot of different methods for doing this, including free methods. However, you’ll want to remember the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Many of the free methods for creating your own karaoke tracks will result in poor quality songs.

The best way to get the instrumental versions of your favorite songs is to strip the vocals from the track. Since it can be very difficult to do this, many people end up with tracks that sound horrible. However, there are some ways to obtain great quality tracks. For the programs that do an excellent and professional job of stripping vocals, the price can be ridiculous.

Another thing you can do is rely on a person who professionally strips the songs. You will probably end up paying a lot for this as well, and you have to be careful. Some of these professionals don’t have the permission to strip the vocals from these tracks and you could end up caught in a big mess! You can also hire professionals to create an arrangement of a particular song. While it may not sound exactly like the original, it will probably be very close. If you do this, insist on listening to the song before paying.
You can create a MIDI file and make your own arrangement, but some of these end up sounding pretty bad. There are two different formats with MIDI – 0 and 1, so you’ll need to look for format 1. This is because the file has the tracks separated so that you’re able to remove the melody line if you want to. You can’t do it with the other format type.

You can see that there are a lot of different ways to remove the vocals and create your own song backing tracks. Do some research and find the method that best suits your budget, and that is easiest to perform. 

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