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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Karaoke Machines Home - Considering Your Song Lyrics for Karaoke!

Karaoke machines are ideal for amateur singers who perform in front of the audience without an orchestra.  Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning the “empty track”. It is an interactive device where the machine provides the background music of well known  tracks without the voice. The singers sing with a microphone and the idea is to sync the singing with the video. Sometimes, even lyrics are displayed for the benefit of singers. The hardware which produces this music is called the Karaoke machine.  The monitor can show the video as well as the lyrics. 

Nowadays, the karaoke machine comes with a camera where the singers can watch themselves in the monitor to see how they sing. This machine is in a pedestal style and the built in camera enables the singer to film his performance and enables him or her to play it back later. Apart from the monitor and the camera, there is a CD player, auto voice control, digital control, built-in speaker system, 2 microphones and two tower speakers. There is also an additional feature of FM/AM radio available in certain models. It could be hooked up to the television and music system easily. These machines are used in parties and night clubs.

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