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Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Remove Vocals from Songs

Figuring out how to remove vocals from songs is not as hard it was 10 years ago. This is because there are vocal removal software you can buy from the internet. It eliminates the need to approach an expensive studio for a minus one, instrumental version, or karaoke version of your favorite songs.

To know how to remove vocals from songs is not as important as knowing which voice remover software to buy. Of course, you may have seen the free software that claim to be able to do this, but these software are severely limited and unable to deliver the goods most of the time.

To find that good software, don’t just look for one based on the price or sale discount you may come across because again, this may be a great deal or a lemon that needs to be pushed to get sold.

Look for a voice removal software that has low priced song downloads, free updates, ease of installation and use, and after sales service. You need to be happy with your purchase from the get go, and this covers everything from the purchase, delivery/download, use and troubleshooting.

Technically, in simple terms, the software will separate the tracks or channels, find the lead vocal, create a little miracle and produce an instrumental version of the song you want to try singing. Naturally, it’s much more complicated than that, but as long as it works and someone is online to help all along the way, then you really don’t need to know the technical details.

To help you maximize the quality of your new karaoke song, you could even consider changing the tempo to suit your style. You can also pick your microphone based on one that can be boosted to 10 khz so that the sound quality of your voice is crystal clear. Don’t rely too much on producing a breathy vocals because this can be harsh on your vocal chords and not always a suitable fit to a song.

Once you know how to remove vocals from songs, you will be able to sing rock and roll, classics, ballads, disco, new wave, and even maybe rap. You will have unlimited resources if you choose the download the right software.

Finally, realize that the software is not a miracle to a vocals to instrumentation process. There will be slight quality issue such as the faint sound of the original voice, but if you plan to sing over the song and the singer, then you’re in good company and need not worry. If you do plan to just play the song as an instrumental, then you might want to look instead for the original instrumental version. 

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