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Monday, June 11, 2012

Singing Superstar Review

If you like singing karaoke, but you’re sick of paying crazy prices for instrumental versions of songs, I have a treat for you. I went through the very same thing. In order to create a sizable library of karaoke songs, I was looking at thousands of dollars! That was until I found Singing Superstar. This software is amazing – and provides tons of options for you to create your own karaoke tracks, and bonuses as well.

For instance, six people can sing at once with Singing Superstar. The songs you already have (the ones you love and don’t want to re-purchase) can be converted into karaoke songs! This means you do not have to pay for any of the music that you already have in your collection – whether it’s on CDs, DVDs, or your MP3 player! If you need songs you don’t already have, Singing Superstar allows you to download from a list of 2 MILLION songs for less than a dime each! 

Now, one of the things I truly love about this software is that it will not become obsolete on you because if Singing Superstar is updated, you get the free updates…forever. So you pay one price and you’re good forever – you never have to buy an updated program!  This is the best karaoke software I’ve ever worked with, and there are so many options and choices. It’s fair to say that with this many options and things the software can do, it may take a little time for you to master it. However, once you get in and start playing around, it will be no time before you’re a pro with the software.

Oh – there’s another super-cool feature with this software. Have you ever wished you could sing with Whitney Houston or Britney Spears? Singing Superstar allows you to sing duets! If you’re into karaoke, I truly suggest you check out the site. Now, when you visit the site through this link, they’ll know I sent you – and I’ll get a tiny bit of compensation. This helps me be able to review other great products and give my recommendations. I know you’re going to love this product – check it out!

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  1. To whom maybe concerned, I need 9 songs in a karaoke - instrumental format WITHOUT the backup vocals. Will this program be able to recreate them? I can't find these songs at all. I am also looking to dub a series. The series is originally in another language and the original sound track (OST) was never made. Will this program possibly create that too? I need them to sound professional.