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Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Remove Vocals from a Song

Ever dream of singing like Elvis or Celine Dion? Unfortunately, it’s a dead give-away when you don’t have a karaoke machine, and you sing over the songs of your favorite singer. It’s just not the same if you can hear their voices and attempt to sing louder than they do. Somehow, the end result seems pathetic and sad.

You can change all this with the Singing Superstar which is a software that is being promoted in the internet known as the karaoke vocal remover application. It works with whatever song you may have stored in your PC, and removes or decreases the sound of the lead singer so you can take over. Naturally, there are limitations to which songs can be converted, but this are few and far between. Since most songs are either modern or recently launched, you shouldn’t a problem at all. The challenge will show itself with live recordings like songs recorded in a live concert, or those really old classics that don’t use channels or tracks.

A song or soundtrack is composed of several tracks. If you have seen a video of a singer being recorded, then you will notice that the singer does not have the band or orchestra playing as she sings. This is because the back-up music is recorded separately from the singer. The singer uses earphones to help keep in tune with the back-up singers and the band, but essentially, the singer is being recorded ‘a cappella’ or without music, just voice. It’s all part of a complicated process that allows more control on the end results, and a lot of room to adjust tone, musicality, blends, and even auto-tuning for some singers who need a little help.

Thus, the software separate the tracks and remove the vocals of the lead singer. There may be some formats that will only lower the sound of the lead singer, and not totally eliminate it. If you play the edited karaoke version, you may still hear the faint sounds of the lead vocalist, but this is not an issue since the minute you start singing, your voice will drown out that faint vocals in the background. The worst scenario would be that the lead vocalist will end up sounding like your back-up singer. Now, wouldn’t that be a trip?

It doesn’t end here because Singing Superstar and other equally professional karaoke vocal remover software accepts almost all formats, including the songs you have already downloaded to your PC. What makes this software a great addition to your PC set-up is that you can have about 6 people singing together, band style. You can also stop buying  karaoke CDs which makes a lot of sense as far as storage is concerned. No more need to worry about scratched CDs, and a messy music library.

If you are thinking about buying a karaoke machine, then expect to be spending on CDs just to be able to build an impressive library. It’s actually going to be like starting from zero. Now, with the software like Singing Superstar, you can work with what you already, and just add as you go along. Instant parties - no problem! Singing practice sessions for the next American Idol - sure bet with Singing Superstar!

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